Buy it once, wear it for a lifetime. 

We have put our jewellery through numerous tests to make sure that our jewellery lasts for a life time. We began with leaving the jewellery in a container of water for 60 days and after that we left it outside in different and harsh weather conditions for 60 days. To make sure our jewellery is durable, water resistant and tarnish free.

Our level of craftsmanship is second to none. Among the highest quality in the world, our jewellery is made exclusively from pure stainless steel fill with three layers of real 18K Gold plating laid over a heart of semi-precious metals. 

Al-Huda Jewellery is made to last a lifetime. To back up our claim, we cover all our jewellery for life from the original purchaser. If any damage occurs such as manufacturing defects, rust, tarnish & colour fading. Simply reach out to us & you will receive a brand new replacement for free. No questions asked. 

Jewellery must be treated with care as you would do it to any other jewellery pieces that you own. Broken jewellery or if you snap the jewellery by applying severe pressure is not covered under the lifetime warranty. Scratches, wear & tear over the time is also not covered under the lifetime warranty.