Assalamu Alaikum (Peace be unto you) to all of those lovely people reading this!

We are a Muslim owned business and therefore, it’s our duty to give sadaqah. We have decided to create different fundraisers for a range of causes & countries and will carry these out month to month inshAllah.

As the events unfold in Palestine, we refuse to sit back and attempt to operate business as usual. We stand with Palestine and must play a part in making a difference, with you.

We decided to dedicate all our profits from 24th Oct 2023 till 31st Oct 2023, with your sheer generosity we managed to donate £4753. 



Donations were made to who has had a team on the ground, from Gaza, for many years. All funds will be used for medical support, food, water, relief, and any other pressing matters seen fit by the on-ground teams.!/ 

We strive not only for business purposes but to do our part in helping those who need it the most.