Custom Arabic Name Necklace

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Colour: 18K Gold Plated



Our custom Arabic name necklace come in different styles and are hand made by talented craftsmen. We produce personalised Arabic name necklaces which provides grace to what you wear but also holds an important message behind. Custom Arabic Necklaces were normally worn by the noble and royalty as part of fashion, wealth and status but our personalised Arabic necklaces holds charm and value which allows you to express your story.


It is important for us as a company to ensure our customers receive good quality and elegant jewellery. At Alhudaclothing, you will find a range of elegant colours which you can choose from as well as receive a beautiful package of your choice for a loved one.

If you provide us your name in English we will translate that into Arabic for you. You can translate your name from English to Arabic by CLINKING THIS LINK


Our customised necklaces are hand made by skilled craftsmen which can take 15-25 days for custom pieces to be created. 


2-5 Days Delivery

Our custom name necklaces take between 15-25 days to make, we have created 45 of most popular names which are ready to be shipped out within 1 day so you don't have to wait. Note these necklaces are only available in Gold colour

You can find your name in list below by Clicking here


Aisha | عائشة

Anisah | أنيسة

Alina | ألينا

Amira | أميرة

Aminah | أمينة

Amna | آمنة

Aliyah | عالية

Fatima | فاطمة

Faiza | فايزة

Hana | هناء

Hanna | هنا

Hafsa | حفصة

Halima | حليمة

Habiba | حبيبة

Humaira | حمیرا

Iman | إيمان

Iqra | اقرأ

Javeria | جویریہ

Jamila | جميلة

Khadijah | خديجة

Laila | ليلى

Maryam | مريم

Maria | ماريا

Nabila | نبيلة

Nadia | نادية

Naila | نائلة

Nafeesa | نفيسة

Rabia | ربيعة

Sahar | سحر

Sarah | ساره

Sara |  سارا

Sidra | سدرة

Samina | سمينة

Sadia | سعدية

Sabah | صباح

Sumayya | سمية

Samira | سميرة

Sophia | صفية

Sana | سنا

Salma | سلمى

Safa | صفاء

Yasmine | ياسمين

Zara | زارا

Zainab | زينب

Zaina | زينة

Zahra | زهرة

Materials & Lifetime Warranty

  • Material: Stainless Steel, dipped in 18 Karat Gold
  • Chain length: 22 inches can be adjusted to 16 inches, 18 inches, 20 inches & 22 inches
  • Warranty: Lifetime warranty against colour change, rust and tarnish
  • Packaging: velvet drawstrings pouch
  • Hypoallergenic & safe for sensitive skin
  • Perfect way to show your compassion to a loved one


This necklace is made of high quality solid stainless steel with 18K gold plating to ensure longevity.


  • We ship world wide
  • Our customised necklaces are hand made by skilled craftsmen which can take 15-25 days for custom pieces to be created
  • If you order a Custom Necklace along side with an Abstract Necklace your order will be sent together when the custom jewellery is ready which takes 15-25 Working Days
  • If you would like your Abstract Necklace to be sent earlier place two separate orders
  • Returns & exchanges are not accepted on all the custom made orders

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